Victorian Etc. ~ Vol II, Issue #1 ~ Jan 2011
DIY ~ Eyeglass Chains Revisited

Eyeglass chains have been around since the late 19th century, as seen by our 1890 Monocle w/chain. Here's a modern take on an old idea!

Materials: You will need a 30" length of waxed linen string, eyeglass holders, lobster clasps, glass end beads, assorted 6mm round beads, and oval metal beads.

Step 1 - Use a rubber eyeglass holder with a slide for the end. Attach to the lobster clasp.

Step 2 - Thread your string through the eye of the claw with a knot.

Step 3 - String a large-holed bead over the eye to cover the knotted end of the clasp.

Step 4 - String a beautiful 16mm glass bead.

Step 5 - Create a nine bead pattern of 6mm metal, glass, and plastic rounds.

Step 6 - Use an 11mm oval bead between patterns. Repeat 3 patterns. Use smooth black rounds for approx. 8" around neck, then reverse the steps. Finished length approx. 28".

As seen at Victorian Laurels!

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