Victorian Etc. ~ Vol III, Issue #2 ~ April 2012
Victorian Vanity Trays

Whether you do it yourself or select from our new line, you will love Victorian Vanity Trays!

1) Purchase any size stand-up "table" picture frame. Visit craft stores for a wide selection of bejeweled frames.

2) Remove the hardware from the back of the frame. (A flat head screwdriver works great.)

3) Cut to size your choice of Victorian Scrapbooking Paper. Remove the back of the frame. If the glass is loose, use a hot glue gun to stabilize. Insert your themed paper, pack with cardboard, and replace the back of the frame.

4) Hard glue any holes or impressions on the back of the frame.

5) Put your new tray on a dresser scarf or bathroom countertop and adorn with a fancy vanity perfume bottle, combs, or mirrors.

6) Enjoy your new conversation piece!

To buy this or other gorgeous Vanity Trays and Perfume Bottle Sets visit:

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