Victorian Etc. ~ Vol II, Issue #3 ~ July 2011
Savannah ~ A Box of Chocolates

If you like history, beautiful 19th century Victorian homes, good food, shopping and things to do, Savannah is the place.

Historic Savannah has the feel of going back in time with its 100+ year old oak trees draped in Spanish moss, surrounded by historic homes. Originally 4 squares were developed for the colonists to have space for military exercises. Now there are 21 squares in historic Savannah with beautiful trees, gardens, statues, and gazebos for the public to enjoy.

The history of Savannah began in 1733. King George of England wanted a colony in America (named after him) and sent James Oglethorpe with 35 families (114 people) to Georgia. They were given free passage, land, tools and supplies to colonize Georgia. They landed in SC, then travelled south to a hill in Georgia on the river and named it Savannah. Oglethorpe ran the colony by his rules; no trading with Indians, no slavery, rum, or lawyers.

After becoming a brigadier general and fighting against Spain in Florida he returned to England in 1743 and never came back.

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