Victorian Etc. ~ Vol V, Issue #1 ~ Jan 2014
Welcome to Ten Things

1. Chicago, St. Louis, New York and Washington, D.C. all submitted bids to host the 1893 fair.

2. Debuting at the Fair were Cream of Wheat, Juicy Fruit gum and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

3. A Ferris wheel was the fair's monetary savior.

4. Nearly 50 foreign countries and 43 states and territories were represented in Chicago.

5. Chicago was home to the first serial killer during the fair, Dr. Henry Howard Holmes.

6. A political assassination also occurred during the fair by assassin, Patrick Eugene Prendergast.

7. The Prendergast case was the first murder trial for famed lawyer Clarence Darrow.

8. An area at the fair's core became known as the White City, illuminated by electric lights.

9. On May 1, 1893, the gates opened.

10. Official name: World’s Columbian Exposition.

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