Victorian Etc. ~ Vol II, Issue #1 ~ Jan 2011
Lisa Griffiths Lewis
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Editor’s Note: Most of us have wondered, while looking at tattered sepia toned photographs, what life was really like for the ornately dressed posed figures gazing back at us. What would it have been like to stroll along the decks of the Titanic with feathered wide brimmed hats and long taffeta skirts blowing in the cool sea breeze? What would their weddings, and wedding nights, have been like? How long were women required to wear yards of black fabric while in mourning, and what was it like having a funeral in their own homes? Lisa Lewis answers all of these questions and brings the forgotten, fascinating secrets of life in Victorian and Edwardian Eras alive in her entertaining living history engagements. Read on and you, like me, will wish you could attend each one of Lisa’s programs!   Cathy Gilmet

Lisa became intrigued with the Victorian Era as a young girl. She warmheartedly recalls spending time at her Great Aunt Margaret’s 19th century home where they played dress up with flowing scarves, lacy gloves, and plumed hats. As a ten year old, Lisa felt grown up attending tea parties for two using the best china in Aunt Margaret’s parlor.

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