Victorian Etc. ~ Vol II, Issue #4 ~ Oct 2011
Apple Ways for Apple Days – or What to do with a Bushel & a Peck!

I love fall!
I love the colours of fall!
I love the foods of fall!
I love the weather of fall!
I love the smells of fall!
I love – love – love fall!

There are so many childhood pleasures I have stored in my bank of memories - it is hard sometimes to know which to ponder. While I am delighted by all the seasons and their varying differences, I must say, my heart warms for delicious autumn.

Going to the apple orchards with my family was a most exciting time for us all, because we all knew once your spirit was set free to run amid the orchard, dazzlement took hold of you, and yours was to discover.

While brothers scampered up trees to get their finds of the rarest & brightest reds for mother, my father had quite the eye for locating the most precious red jewel in the entire orchard and I was the one privy to his secret.

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