Victorian Etc. ~ Vol III, Issue #3 ~ July 2012
Webutante Ball
~an online novelette~


The Day-Dream

O Lady Flora, let me speak:
A pleasant hour has passed away
While, dreaming on your damask cheek,
The dewy sister-eyelids lay.
As by the lattice you reclined,
I went thro’ many wayward moods
To see you dreaming–and, behind,
A summer crisp with shining woods.
   -Alfred Lord Tennyson

Most thirty-something women in 2010 didn’t walk around the house humming a 60's tune from the Monkees, but Jay was an exception to nearly every 'most' in her world. It remained a fact that John Stewart's song, Daydream Believer, predicated every major event in her life, unbeknownst to him of course. Her parents dated and married in the late 60's with their teenage years unduly influenced by Hollywood's answer to Beatlemania, the Monkees.

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