Victorian Etc. ~ Vol I, Issue #2 ~ April 2010
Resources for our Readers
 Our "Steampunk Light" Issue is a breath of spring. We welcome our new readers and hope all find entertainment within the pages of this blithe edition of our magazine! Victoria Otto~4/01/10

Photography and Artwork
[by contributors unless otherwise credited]
L. VanCannon: cover~ Darci Gau on location in Las Vegas, NV (also p.4 and p.16 cont.)
Original Art: ęShelley McVittie Studios (p. 6 "The Dreamer" and p. 24 "Her Story")

Reference Materials
Wikipedia: (p. 6, 16, 28)

Advertising Sponsors
Victorian Heart Shoppe (p. 8)
The Swan Company (p. 14)
Victorian Laurels (p. 20)

Article Contributors
Karen Hattaway (Feature) p. 10
LuLu Mae Maghan (DIY Crafts) p. 12
Victoria Otto (Time Travel) p. 16
Irina Stepanova (Arts & Crafts) p. 18
Linda Gau (Collectibles) p. 22
Bertie Morgan (Lifestyles) p. 26

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