Victorian Etc. ~ Vol I, Issue #1 ~ Jan 2010
Fine Lines!

  A love of all things Victorian, a practical yet slim budget, an artistic vein, and the dream to be a part of something special, are the contributing factors for the creation of this magazine. All things considered, we wonder why it took us so long. As we contemplate the magnitude of this endeavor, we question if we are up to the task. Still, all things are possible when you believe.

What we love most about the Victorian era is the fact that the middle class were finally realizing the “good life”. With the onset of the Industrial Revolution, materials and lifestyle once beyond their means were suddenly within reach. Clothing, food, material goods became affordable and simple comforts were accessible to more of the citizenry. Mind you, pleasures such as baths and perfumes were still considered luxuries.

Victorian Etc. will attempt to bring the Victorian people, lifestyle, customs, and crafts to light. Lose yourself in the ambiance of another time, place, and century. Whether we share a cup of tea or tackle one of the do-it-yourself Victorian craft projects, we want to welcome you home. Think of us as friends or family. Feel the warmth from our Victorian fireplace. Eat, drink, and be merry…


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